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Dirty Windows?

Don't stress about cleaning your own windows. With over 15 years of experience we can handle any job big or small. 

Clear View: Putting To Rest Who's Clearly the Best

       Looking out of your windows, whether in your business or in your home, can give you a much needed visual break. This can give you the motivation to continue being productive for the day. However, if your windows are dusty, dirty, or have streaks or marks on them, from the inside, they can actually be a distraction. From the outside, It can take away from the overall presentation of your home or business.

      Here at Clear View Window Cleaning, our primary concern is you, our client. With us, you will find punctuality, friendliness, and services that will guarantee your satisfaction. With 13 years of professional experience, we can help you choose the right services that will suit your needs in the best way. We are fully licensed and insured, 100% locally owned and operated, and we are simply the best in Western Kentucky at Window Cleaning. With our services we offer a 2-week guarantee in case a storm hits or some other unforeseen occurrence happens. We have experience Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning and much more in homes large and small, schools, nursing homes, and other large and small businesses. Look through our ‘Services Offered’ section of our website to find out how we can best suit your needs

How Maintaining Clean Windows Will Help You Avoid Health Risks

      Many homeowners and business owners lead busy lives and are not in a position to clean their windows regularly. This can lead to a build-up of bacteria and microbes that can grow and fester over time. This can lead to a spread of airborne diseases. Dust Mite accumulation can lead to allergic reactions or respiratory issues. And if your windows are not properly maintained, especially if you have older windows, it can lead to condensation and moisture. The precursors to mold. How beneficial then it would be to invest in a regular, thorough and sanitary Window Cleaning service. This will save you time, money and will benefit your health.

The Surprising Advantages of Clean Gutters

      If you are experiencing interior or exterior ceiling and roof problems in your home, a clogged gutter system may be near the bottom of your list of suspected culprits. But do not be misled. A clogged gutter can lead to a variety of problems that can lead to even more headaches down the line.

      Many icicles may form during the winter because of an overflow of water in a clogged gutter. A gutter may tear or sag on account of gunk build-up. Water may find alternate ways of draining if your gutter is clogged, resulting in interior damage in your home. Due to stagnant water in your gutter systems, it may attract an increased number of insects. Your nearby plant systems may experience over-watering due to a congested gutter system. And one of the leading causes of basement floods is due to clogged and congested gutter systems. Your home will benefit greatly from Clear Views gutter cleaning services. A clear and steady flow in your gutter systems will result in longevity to your home, and you will feel confident standing up to whatever weather mother nature has to offer.

Giving You a Clean Slate by Pressure Washing Your Estate

      Pressure Washing plays a key role in improving the overall presentation and value of your home. Clean fencing, walkways, siding, roofs and more can increase the overall value of your home. It will eliminate risks of slipping, tripping or triggering allergies from overgrown moss, bacteria or other hazardous growth that can form over time. A clean business environment will increase curb appeal and strike a professional tone for your business, drawing in more customers, and creating a safe work environment for your employees.

      To remain competitive in our area, Clear View meticulously keeps up-to-date with effective techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a full and sure method of pressure washing. We offer pressure washing services to your siding, soffits, carports, gutters, walkways, fencing and much more. Time and again, we experience happy and satisfied clients from our top-notch pressure washing services. Contact us today for an estimate for your pressure washing needs.

How Can Clear View Help You?

      Whether you lead an active and constantly busy lifestyle or are limited in your circumstances, a surprise project may present itself. These small jobs can seem daunting or time-consuming that you may simply not have the time or resources to accomplish. Instead of throwing money at hiring a specialist, try, instead, a trusted source in the community for a fraction of the cost. Clear View offers handyman services to your home or business. Interior painting jobs? Tile, laminate or hardwood flooring issues? Deck staining? Clear View can be the solution to your small scale handyman project. Inquire within for quotes and details.

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